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Working with Schools

In addition to corporations, facilities, institutions, and government offices, OZ Installation provides services to local schools, elementary, middle, high school, colleges and universities. Installation of student desks, chairs, bookcases, shelving, storage, wall hung and custom cabinets, filing systems, standard and built in lockers, & libraries are common practice. In addition OZ provides Installation services for labs, computer, reception, administrative, waiting, training, security, conference and mailroom furniture. Other areas would include reception, waiting , and conference room furniture, security stations, tandem, booth, hospitality and theater seating.


OZ Installation will work with your leadership staff to discuss your needs,  provide practical solutions for any of the above furniture items, and the logistics to replace whatever necessary in a timely fashion. OZ will provide installation managers and professional installers to insure a smooth delivery and set up process.


Please contact OZ Installation to discuss your specific needs whether immediate or in the near future. OZ will provide the professionals necessary, to make sure your new purchase will work best  for your situation. The installation process will run smoothly and efficiently with as little down time or interruption of your school schedule as possible.

How can we help?


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Installation - Reconfiguration - Cubicles - Work Stations - Case Goods - Custom Carpentry Solutions - Floor to ceiling panels 

We specialize in:

  • Contract office furniture installation

  • Storage and inventory services

  • Delivery, shipping and receiving

  • Corporate services

  • Project management

  • Office furniture reconfiguration

  • Furniture fabrication 

  • Refinishing 

  • Custom builds and cuts

  • Service and repair

  • Space planning and design

About us:

Oz Installation is a premier installation company with more than 20 years of experience in the office furniture industry.

We specialize in commercial furniture services in NY tri-state area and throughout the Northeast. We pride ourself on being full service and the most responsive, quality conscious contractor in the industry.

OZ Installation as a company understands the significance of each and every project we handle. That's why we employ only the most experienced and diligent technicians in the industry. It's one of the things that enables us to offer you our unmatched




In order to back up this guarantee OZ Installation makes certain that all the necessary planning is done before the project has begun. We believe in total preparation and therefore total attention to detail. This helps us maintain our sterling reputation and ensures you a stress-free experience instead of a logistical nightmare.


Call us for a FREE consultation from our expert representatives. 

Oz Installation fleet
Oz Installation fleet
Oz Installation fleet

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