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We are proud to provide services from our experienced Professional installers, with more than 20 years of experience in the office furniture installation and reconfiguration including, but not limited to:

  • warehousing

  • inventory management

  • workstations, cubicles and casegoods installations

  • corporate and government workstations maintenance 

  • school furniture installation

  • lockers fully assembled and k.d installation

  • mobile file systems

  • workstation cleaning

  • carpentry and modification in house and on site 

  • office space reconfiguration

  • dismantle cubicles and remove from site

  • office furniture Liqudator


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Our expert installation fitters can be called upon to reconfigure / augment the layout of existing furniture or move furniture from one location to another in a fast, efficient and discreet manner.

Our team will work alongside the internal Facilities Management or move team, offering services in:

• Project Management - defining the scope of the project and the resources necessary

• Installation/Fitting - physically dismantling, moving and reassembling the furniture

• Space Planning – creating new layouts or incorporating new elements of furniture

• Move Management - moving personal effects and ancillary equipment.


We offer full cleaning and servicing for products during their lifecycle. A number of benefits can be realised by regularly cleaning soft furnishings and particularly task chairs.

Some of the advantages gained through a regular cleaning programme include:

• Longer product life span

• Employee well-being and satisfaction

• A better looking workplace

With our cleaning service your workplace will be clean and fit for many months of continued service.

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